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Qingdao Sunshine Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal Jiaozhou Bay with its superior geographical localation, 30 minutes car driving to the international Jiaodong Airport, and one hour driving to the Qingdao Sea Port.
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One flower cannot represent spring, all flowers bloom does. In all ages, we would like to share our fruits and achivement of cooperation together with our customers. In the past years, Qingdao Sunshine Machinery has been self-disciplined, and self-reliant, Qingdao Sunshine Machinery will always be sunshine, and convenience to be one of the high-grade, precision, and advanced enterprise in the field of plastic extrusion machines.

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PVC marble sheet machine

Specifications: Common
Width 1220mm Thickness 1-6mm Length 1220mm
350-400kg/h Density 0.2g/cm3
Length according to different customers' requirement to be adjusted.



Mix all the needed material of PVC resin powder, calcium carbonate powder, stablizer etc.

Conical twin screw extruder

SJSZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder consits of 80/156 conical twin screw and barrel, electrical control cabinet, inverter, heating ring and motor etc.

Die head and mold

Specially designed for making PVC marble sheet, according to the customers finished product, the finished product specifcation such as thickness can be adjusted.

Cooling bracket

Made by U type steel welding, length can be 2-3m, according to the customers’ practical workshop space. There is automatic pulley in the cooling bracket, which can let the extruded PVC marble sheet better to go forth. 

Whole production line

Consist of PVC Marble Sheet Machine
1. Mixer -500/1000-1 set
2. Extrusion line-1 set
1)80/156 conical twin screw extruder-1 set
2) Die head and mold-1 set
3) Temperature controller-1 set
4) 3 rollers calendering machine-1 set
5) Cooling bracket-1 set
6) Hauling machine-1 set
7) Cutting machine-1 set
8) Trimming machine-1 set
9) Automatic stacker-1 set
Auxiliary machine
1) SWP-360 crusher-1 set
2) SMF-500 powder miller-1 set
3) Water chiller-1 set
4) Air compressor-1 set
5) UV machine line-1 set (Optional)

Video Show of PVC Marble Sheet Machine


Detail Description

With the improvement of people’s living standard, marble is favored by more and more people for its plain and elegant decorated decorative styles, how ever, its usage rate is not high in traditional decoration because of high cost. In order to pursue more fashionable decoration concept, PVC marble sheet emerged. It has delicate marble texture, color and glossiness. What’s more, it has low price and convenient construction, and is a new eco-friendly material of modern home decoration without radiation.

All this comes from the manufacturing process.

Firstly, the main materials of the PVC marble sheet are PVC and calcium carbonate and other chemical auxiliaries.

Mixing these powders together is the first process of the PVC marble sheet manufacture. The function of the high speed mixer is to uniformly mix various raw materials and discharge the moisture from materials. The uniformly mixed materials are cooled to 40-55℃ and discharged by low speed mixer.

The uniformly mixed PVC material enters hopper of twin screw extruder by feeding machine.

The function of the twin screw extruder are: Heating, pressurization and plasticizing controlled extrusion.

The production line adopts PLC control, has built-in PLC modules, and achieves interaction of machine information and man-machine automatic control.

Material extrude out from a T type die and through three rollers calender for shaping process, which is a key step of the PVC marble sheet forming.

Introducing foreign technology and industrial production experience.

Three roller calender formation is used. The 3 roller calender comprise two mirror face rollers and one embossing roller, which is the necessary condition of 3 roller formation.

It uses Taida series inverter and PLC touch screen intelligent linkage control to ensure efficient combination of equipment and orderly 3 roller formation.

The shaping process is to cooled the PVC marble sheet and make it has base body.

Then first roller film hot stamping, which function is increasing the toughness and beautification of the PVC artificial marble sheet to make it have various presentations and fit different decorative styles. This is the prototype of the PVC marble sheet. The two roller traction is to accurately drag the PVC artificial marble sheet to cutting machine for cutting. It adopts internationally advanced two-roll traction technology for precise localization, so as to facilitate uniform cutting. The cutting machine adopts computer control technology for refined cutting aiming at products of different levels. The cutting part adopts fixed-scale cutting device, which has the most obvious advantage of preciseness and fineness and ensures that each piece of cut product is uniform.

After multiple processing techniques, perfect PVC marble sheet is generated, at this time, automatic loader will actively lift the sheet, stack it in finished product area, and ensure orderly proceeding of complete process.